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Runs Diary

Sunday 17 Nov. 2019


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Five out today: Graham John, Mike Willacy, Sue Etheridge, Graham Reed and Bryan Richardson. We met the A riders at the start, who were going to Noss Mayo. We followed the Plym Trail to Yelverton and then on to Buckland Abbey via Crapstone. We got there about 11.15 am. As cyclists we were offered a 25% discount in the restaurant and were impressed with the range of food on offer. After discussing the runs list for the next month or two, we headed back on the road, taking the first right on leaving the Abbey. This took us to the main road just past the Dartmoor Chef and we descended to Bickleigh and rejoined the cycle path. Sue headed home but Mike, Bryan and I stopped at the Railway Inn for a cuppa and bun, leaving just before three. Everyone enjoyed the ride which we took at our own pace and with consideration for those of us who did not have battery assisted bikes.

Sunday 10th Nov. 2019


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Four out today - Graham John, Graham Reed, Bryan Richardson and Mike Willacy, who led the ride. The weather was in our favour after yet another week of atrocious weather with teaming rain and fallen branches and trees. The route was less hilly than the route I rekkied a week ago, keeping to B roads for the journey from Yealmpton to Noss May and our first coffee stop at The Tea House of the Green. Replenished, we headed out of Noss Mayo via Membland and on to Battisborough Cross. Bryan and Graham Reed left us shortly before Mike and I joined the A379, where straight over and on to Westlake and the Farm Shop at Endsleigh where Mike and I enjoyed a pot of tea. Mike suggested heading out of Ivybridge via the housing estate, passing St Anne's Priory and rejoining the route at Lee Mill. We arrived back at Plympton shortly after three with a coll 25 miles on the clock.

Sunday 3rd November 2019 - Noss Mayo


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After 100 mile and hour winds and torrential rain on Saturday I was skeptical about doing the planned route to Noss Mayo. As it turned out, the skies were clear on Sunday morning and I set out for Plymco in the hope of meeting Bryan and Mike there. I left home a few minutes late and arrived at the start just four minutes past 9:45 am. Mike and Bryan had already left, I assumed. Taking advantage of the fine weather, I decided to rekky the Noss Mayo ride. The Tea House on the Green was open, against all expectation, and I stopped there for a cappuccino and a bun. So, here's your coffee stop next week, Mike. The route I had planned took me to Yealmbridge and across the main road and through Worston. Just past the village I took a left down a steep lane, crossing the river Yealm, which was in full spate. It dawned on me ascending the steep hill after the bridge that the route was familiar. In fact I had crossed Lotherton Bridge again, rejoining the road just past Popple Bridge. On arriving home at 2.00 pm I had completed 33 miles with still one bar to go on my battery.

Sunday 27th October 2019 - Hartford

Mike Willacy, Bryan Richardson, Graham Reed and Graham John were at the start on a rather sunny day. Since this was Mike's first ride after his operation, it was decided to abandon the Hartford run, which would have involved a number of hills, and stick to the classic route to Wrangaton. Mike, however, was up for a challenge and on the return journey we took the steep hill out of Ivybridge past Endsleigh Garden Centre. Bryan left us there, saying his battery wouldn't last out, and returned to Plymouth along the standard route past the Hunting Lodge. The rest of us followed the route to Popple's Bridge, but shortl;y after the bridge there was a flood, so we retraced, took a right turn towards Worston and first right over Lotherton Bridge to rejoin our route on the other side of Popple Bridge. We bumped into Bryan again on Deep Lane pushing his bike. After less than 20 miles Bryan's battery was flat! The route was a 22 miles' circuit from Plympton and, in spite of good intentions, involved two substantial hills.